International Log Home Sales


The appeal of the American log home extends far beyond the American border. There exists an appreciation for the inherent beauty and strength that only an American log home can provide. Estemerwalt Log Homes has the experience and knowledge necessary to help our customers in Europe realize their dreams of owning a log home.

Estemerwalt Log Homes has become expert at seamless overseas delivery. We will provide direct support overseas upon delivery to ensure that your home is unpacked, intact, and handled properly. An overseas warehouse has also been established in order to maintain an inventory of materials in the unlikely event that any part of your home has been damaged in transit or at the construction site.

In addition to achieving the goal of owning an American log home, log home clientele from abroad can also take comfort in the fact that they are buying direct from our American manufacturing facility. This, along with a convenient east coast location, ensures that you will receive the best log home at the best price.

In order to provide our overseas customers with the support necessary to take a log home project from initial concept through completed construction, we have established a European Support Office. Presiding over this office is Jørn Ravn, one of America’s most trusted and reputable log home builders.

In addition to a weekend stay at our showroom in Denmark, we would like to extend the invitation to visit our production facility in Pennsylvania. You will gain firsthand experience of manufacturing process, tour our homes, and meet with our expert staff.

For More Information, Please Contact:

Jørn Ravn
Estemerwalt Log Homes
European Support Office
Brugskrogen 2B
5540 Ullerslev

+45 7020 8110

Or Contact Our Main Office in the United States:

+1 800 515 2060

Jørn Ravn, Estemerwalt International Sales


Meet with a dedicated client representative to discuss your project goals. We can answer questions about planning, designing, and building your log home.
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