Building Your Home

From the Forest To Your New Log and Timber Home

Through 136 years and five generations, this family-owned business has been focused on quality wood products that stand the test of time. Are there faster and larger lumber mills out there? Undoubtedly. But we have made a conscious decision to pursue quality over quantity. The degree of care we take in how our wood is chosen, graded to ensure structural soundness, kiln-dried and processed is our passion. You will find that if you visit our manufacturing facility that we do not source our logs from elsewhere and mark them up. All our logs, timbers, siding, trim, flooring and posts are crafted with our hands and it shows, with an unsurpassed fit and finish. You will find everyone who works here is friendly and passionate about helping our clients create their forever home.

We Help Nurture Your Dream

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years, is that every project is unique. As a result, we cater our services to your exact needs. No matter where you plan to build your dream home, our team of experts will help you craft a stunning log and timber home that will be a source of pride for generations. Our homes have been built in many states and internationally, as well.

Most home buyers have been coached by the log and timber magazines and home shows to compare “apples to apples” when evaluating what’s in a log and timber home package from different producers. Unfortunately, most buyers aren’t sure what that means since they aren’t buying fruit. Then too, since this is one of the largest investments you will make in your lifetime, there is a lot of fear around this decision. One doesn’t want to waste money or look foolish in front of their family.

We help allay our clients' fears by holding their hands through the whole process. We know log and timber homes and we know log and timber home buyers. We explain what we include in our log and timber home packages, what your local contractor will provide and how the whole process will unfold. We want you to feel comfortable and confident that we’ve got your back during this journey.

While every project is unique, they also fall into a predictable pattern. Here’s what that process looks like:

Phase #1 We Learn About Your Dream Home

In this phase, we learn about what you want in your dream home and you get to learn about us. Come visit our facility in Honesdale, PA. If you can’t visit in person, we’re happy to facetime with you and show you around our facility. Or you can get to know us over the phone or email. Whichever way you choose to communicate, you will discover that we know who you are when you call. You will find we are honest, trustworthy, experienced, accommodating and nurturing. During this period of learning about your needs, we will:

  • Review your budget
  • Establish general timelines
  • Discuss your design vision
  • Visit your building site

To graduate to the next phase, you will need to finalize your land purchase and sign a design agreement with Estemerwalt Log Homes to begin the design process.

Phase #2 Craft the Perfect Design For Your Dream Home

We are incredibly proud of our design team and you will be too, once you see them in action. Our designers will meet with you to understand the opportunities in your new building site, as well as any pitfalls. They will help you pinpoint the square footage needed and what amenities are absolutely must-haves. Our goal is to get to the heart of how you want to live in your dream home. Designers will present you with an initial design to gather feedback and to refine your design. Then we will re-work the design until it’s absolutely perfect. In this phase, your Log Home Consultant will;

  • Help to accurately define the budget for your project
  • Help you select a general contractor to build your new home
  • Coordinate your design with any architectural review boards
  • Work with your general contractor to finalize the construction schedule
  • Help to keep the project moving forward and as organized as possible

To graduate the next phase, you will need to select a builder to turnkey your home and sign an Estemerwalt contract to craft your log and timber home package.

Phase #3 Getting Ready to Build

In this phase, your builder or general contractor will secure building permits and start performing site improvements, such as clearing the site, creating a driveway, excavating, installing a foundation and utilities, including water, sewer and electric. The first-floor deck will also be installed, including steel supports and trusses. Meanwhile, your Log Home Consultant will:

  • Oversee final design refinements
  • Oversee the development of construction drawings
  • Oversee structural engineering specifications for building code approval
  • Coordinate with builder or general contractor on delivery times for log and timber home package

To graduate to the next phase, you will have to approve your final construction drawings and sign an Estemerwalt agreement to start fabricating your log and timber home package.

Phase #4 Fabrication & Delivery of Log and Timber Home Package

Your log and timber home package will be fabricated by Estemerwalt Log Homes in this phase, with your Log Home Consultant coordinating with our fabrication and design team to ensure all materials needed for your home are produced on time. Your Log Home Consultant will coordinate delivery of the log and timber home package with your builder, including if the delivery will be done in stages, especially if the building site is too small for storage of logs and timbers.

Phase #5 Construction of Your New Log and Timber Home

Your Log Home Consultant and design team at Estemerwalt will remain in close contact with your builder to ensure the home goes together perfectly at your building site. Your Log Home Consultant will also work with you and your builder to select other finishing materials needed to complete your home on time and on budget. Once certification of occupancy is obtained from your local building authority, you and your family can move in and enjoy your new home for generations to come.

Select A Company

Tips and advice for selecting a log home company. How to decide on the cost, size, and style of your home.

Design Your Log Home

How to design your log home and evaluate what your particular needs are. How to decide on the number and types of rooms and the size and attributes of the logs.

Purchase Land

How to find a suitable plot of land to build your log home on and what considerations to take into account while doing so.

Find A Contractor

How to find a good contractor in your area to build your home.

Start Construction

The steps to take once it actually comes time to start construction on your home.


Meet with a dedicated client representative to discuss your project goals. We can answer questions about planning, designing, and building your log home.
Have you spoken to an Estemerwalt expert?

Meet with a dedicated client representative to discuss your project goals. We can answer questions about planning, designing, and building your log home.
Have you spoken to an Estemerwalt expert?